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Rail Vehicles

GW Batterien GmbH

GW Batterien GmbH, as part of the globally positioned Triathlon Group, is the competence center for rail vehicle batteries and has comprehensive know-how for any application-specific challenge. We accompany our customers from development, through production, to delivery and service of batteries for rail vehicles. Our systems are developed based on Lead/acid, NC and Lithim-Ion technology and are used in commuter and high-speed trains, locomotives, streetcars, subways and buses. The refurbishment of battery systems, together with the saving of resources and costs, is an essential part of our product portfolio.

contact: Thomas Wieser | thomas.wieser@gwbatt.de

Rail Vehicles

SmartTECS Engineers GmbH

SmartTECS Engineers GmbH is operating in the fields of rail vehicle development and rail technology infrastructure with a focus on Electric & Control Systems and Engineering Services. We are specialized in the design, development, integration and testing of vehicles and their subsystems. Our engineers have been working on rail vehicle development projects for many years and have extensive experience in providing services to rail technology manufacturers.

contact: Claudia Below | claudia.below@smarttecs.de

Rail Vehicles

ST-Engineering GmbH

ST-Engineering GmbH provides engineering services in the functional development of rail vehicles. We manage development processes, realise independent developments, or put subtasks in vehicle development into effect. We work best in our expertise in system design, integration of system architectures, operation and control concepts, safety management and engineering as well as circuit diagram development. We emphasise particularly on structured and systematic vehicle development and strive for efficiency - in the design of technical solutions as well as in project managing. We advance your projects and give you a leading edge.

contact: Stephan Keucher | info@st-e.de

Rail Vehicles

IMA Materialforschung und Anwendungstechnik GmbH

IMA Dresden is an independent and DAkkS-accredited testing center for the rail vehicle industry and for many other industries. We support manufacturers and suppliers to make new developments marketable faster and help transport companies with damage analysis and product optimization. We see ourselves as a partner in the testing of materials, components and structures. To this end, we bring together engineers and technicians from several fields of expertise - measurement and control technology, calculation, design, test design and testing.

contact: Dr. Thorsten Voigt | thorsten.voigt@ima-dresden.de

Rail Vehicles

Präzisionsteile Dresden GmbH & Co. KG

Präzisionsteile Dresden GmbH & Co. KG is today one of the market leaders in the implementation of customer projects for drive technology in diverse industrial application areas. Our core business is the machining of highly complex components in medium and high volumes. Together with our partners we realize customer projects in metal, plastic as well as metal-plastic composite components in hybrid technology. In doing so, we are happy to be your contact partner for solving problems. Your strong and reliable partner from the first idea to the finished product!

contact: André-Alexander Steffen | Geschäftsführer | info@pt-dresden.de

Rail Vehicles

A.S.T. – Angewandte System Technik GmbH, Mess- und Regeltechnik

Development and construction of train preheating systems, preheating systems for diesel locomotives, corner force measuring systems for quality control and production of passenger coaches and multiple units, on-board power supplies and force measuring technology for the railroad industry.

contact: Matthias Boeck | Geschäftsführer | matthias.boeck@ast.de

Rail Vehicles

CE cideon engineering GmbH & Co. KG

CE cideon engineering - the enablers. Rail is the backbone of tomorrow's mobility. With special technical challenges such as the implementation of internationally standardized systems to support interoperability or the development of energy-efficient modes of transport to reduce emissions and the integration of advanced technologies for modern rail product solutions. This requires experts with experience who know every perspective from conception to design to approval. Benefit from our experience - let's get the trains rolling together.Our core competencies- Consulting: Keeping the train rolling- Mechanics: Holistic approach- Electrics, Controls & Software: Trend-setting technologies- Onsite Engineering: Flexibility for our customers

contact: Tilo Mey | Bereichsleiter Engineering | tilo.mey@cideon-engineering.com


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Rail Vehicles

CG Rail GmbH

CG Rail GmbH mainly deals with the development of new lightweight construction methods, materials and technologies in the field of railroad and traffic engineering. Through the cooperation with renowned innovation partners, especially from Saxony, the entire development chain - from conception, construction and design to technological implementation and testing of prototypes - is covered. Furthermore, CG Rail GmbH offers the production of fiber composite structural components, whereby the pultrusion of complex, thick-walled multi-chamber profiles with continuous fiber reinforcement (carbon fiber or glass fiber, unidirectional and/or textile reinforcement) represents a unique selling point worldwide.

contact: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Andreas Ulbricht | Geschäftsführer | info@cgrail.de


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Rail Vehicles


EYYES GmbH sets new standards in the field of high-security video transmission, artificial intelligence and sensor fusion. The hardware and software development of the standard-compliant video transmission systems takes place in-house. For the use of classic rear-view mirrors, the railway-compliant RAILEYE, developed in accordance with SIL 1, represents the ideal solution. A clear argument for the use of classic rear view mirrors is the high replacement costs after defects caused by narrow passages (parked vehicles/encounter traffic) or the lack of visibility of the blind spot in the driving/stop area.

contact: Wolfgang Schreder | wolfgang.schreder@eyyes.com

Rail Vehicles

Görlitzer Hanf- und Drahtseilerei

The Görlitzer Hemp and Wire Rope Factory manufactures and splices wire and textile ropes in all sizes according to old rope tradition and the latest DIN EU standard. We also test and maintain hoists, chains, lifting and load handling equipment, PPE and ladders. A special feature of our company is the effective combination of traditional craftsmanship and modern production methods.

contact: Helmut Goltz | Geschäftsführer | h.goltz@goltz-seile.de

Rail Vehicles

IFF Engineering & Consulting GmbH

IFF Engineering & Consulting GmbH is a neutral and independent engineering company with a wide range of expertise in the field of mechanical engineering and especially in the special fields of materials handling technology as well as rail and vehicle construction. It has many years of experience in the planning, implementation and evaluation of experimental measurement and testing services, in the field of computational and experimental structural analysis and the measurement of physical quantities such as acceleration, displacement, force and strain.

contact: Axel Gruber | Leiter Prüfstelle Schienenfahrzeuge | gruber@iffec.de

Products and ServicesRail Vehicles

JITpro GmbH

JITpro GmbH has many years of experience and comprehensive know-how in the areas of process optimization, technological developments, restructuring and individual software solutions for industrial companies. The following projects have been implemented in the industry-related area in recent years:- Fundamental analysis and subsequent optimization of maintenance processes in the railroad industry - Development and programming of software for the control and documentation of revision and maintenance processes in the railroad industry - Planning and development of optimized logistics processes for the Europe-wide control of revision processes

contact: Dirk Freimuth | Geschäftsführer | info@jitpro.de

Rail Vehicles

Lakowa Gesellschaft für Kunststoffbe- und -verarbeitung mbH

Lakowa Gesellschaft für Kunststoffbe- und -verarbeitung mbH is a system provider with its own development and production of interior trim systems made of thermoplastics and polyurethane for rail vehicles, ambulances and special vehicles. Technical plastic parts made of PU are produced in-house at our plant.

contact: Michael Jank | michael.jank@lakowa.com

Rail Vehicles

Märkische Maschinenbau GmbH

Märkische Maschinenbau GmbH has been established for more than 10 years in the global market as a supplier for a wide range of industries. Our range of services includes, in addition to the economic-technical consulting of our customers, an efficient material procurement and process-safe mechanical processing of ready-to-install cubic as well as rotationally symmetrical metallic components (castings, forgings and flame-cut parts). State-of-the-art flexible manufacturing technologies in combination with qualified employees are an expression of our competitiveness.

contact: Mario Görmer | General Manager | info@maerkische-maschinenbau.com

Rail Vehicles

MV automation systems GmbH

The range of services offered by MV automation systems GmbH includes the complete solenoid valve and pneumatic program. Especially in railroad applications, our solenoid valves are used in refrigeration and air conditioning systems, heating systems, water installations such as toilets, wash basins and showers, as well as in brake systems, door closing devices, wheel flange lubrication systems, and for the control air of macaphones and compressors. Our products have been successfully used on railroads under the harshest climatic conditions in Russia, China, India, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Canada and other regions.

contact: Ruth Guschak | Geschäftsführerin | contact@mv-automation.de

Rail Vehicles

RailAir e. V.

RailAir e. V. is a strategic and competence-based network of players in the field of lightweight construction for rail vehicles and covers a unique research and application spectrum in Germany. RailAir e. V. pursues the long-term synergetic integration of the key technology of lightweight system design in rail vehicle construction through - Developing novel solutions for rail-bound freight and passenger transport, - Establishment of long-term cooperation between excellent science and companies in the field of rail vehicle construction, - Promotion of entrepreneurial R&D capacities through the "Scientists in Residence" program.

contact: Dr.-Ing. Karsten Wippler | vorstand@railair.eu

Rail Vehicles

RailMaint GmbH

RailMaint is a leader in the maintenance and repair of freight and passenger rail vehicles. We offer stationary maintenance services and mobile services, including overhauls, component services, spare parts supply and conversions. The aim is to strengthen the availability, service life and competitive strength of our customers' rail vehicles.

contact: Axel Folchert | Geschäftsführer | axel.folchert@railmaint.com

Rail Vehicles

SBF Spezialleuchten GmbH

We develop, design and manufacture interior and exterior lighting as well as complete ceiling and ventilation systems for streetcars, metros, regional and high-speed trains. We supply the entire European area, non-European projects are carried out according to customer orders.

contact: Rudolf Witt | rudolf.witt@sbf-germany.com

Rail Vehicles

Siempelkamp Prüf- und Gutachter-Gesellschaft mbH Dresden

As an independent specialist, Siempelkamp Prüf- und Gutachter-Gesellschaft is your contact for the testing, design and inspection of highly stressed assemblies and their components made of metals and plastics. With expertise in materials and component testing, strength calculation as well as condition analysis and service life assessment, the company supports you in product development, accompanies you during the approval procedures and takes over the appraisal in the event of damage.

contact: Dr. Andreas Thomas | Geschäftsführer | andreas.thomas@siempelkamp.com

Rail Vehicles

WOLFRAM Designer und Ingenieure

Award-winning industrial design and innovative engineering are our daily business. As a design and engineering service provider, WOLFRAM Design/Engineering is an essential driving force for economic success and sustainable growth. Regardless of whether rail vehicle construction, mechanical engineering or consumer goods, our team of designers and engineers always ensures innovative, technically feasible and cost-effective product development.

contact: Sebastian Wolfram | Geschäftsführer | wolfram@wolframdesign.de

Rail Vehicles


The company PECS-WORK works as an independent Senior Project Manager and Principal Consultant for the procurement, development and manufacturing of rail vehicles for national and international projects as well as in the fields of iterims management and process consulting. Mr. Ingolf Sauermann is the owner of the company PECS-WORK and has extensive experience due to many years of working as a development engineer, division manager and technical project manager in the transport sector, especially in the vehicle sector/rolling stock with renowned manufacturers.

contact: Ingolf Sauermann | Geschäftsführer | contact@pecs-work.com

Rail Vehicles

Hörmann Vehicle Engineering GmbH

Hörmann Vehicle Engineering GmbH, headquartered in Chemnitz, acts as an independent engineering partner for customers in the rail and automotive industries. More than 200 qualified employees - mainly engineers - work in the vehicle engineering division of the Hörmann Group. Specific vehicle, process and technology know-how is applied in development projects of various sizes. With its overall vehicle competence, the engineering service provider is one of the market leaders in the development of rail vehicles. Depending on customer requirements, the company supports the entire product development process from concept and prototyping through series development to production planning and control. In addition to complete vehicle projects, the experts at Hörmann Vehicle Engineering GmbH also take on projects in the field of module and component development or provide support in system integration. Hörmann Vehicle Engineering GmbH sets trends in lightweight construction, in the use of new materials and in production optimization.

contact: Frank Salzwedel | Geschäftsführer | frank.salzwedel@hoermann-gruppe.com

Rail Vehicles

HOPPECKE Batteriesysteme GmbH

HOPPECKE Batteriesysteme GmbH is part of the industrial battery manufacturer HOPPECKE, which develops, produces and markets innovative and efficient energy storage system solutions for the railroad sector worldwide. The IRIS certified company develops and produces complex battery systems based on lead/acid, FNC, NiMH and Li-Ion battery technologies for metros, commuter and high-speed trains, locomotives and in the field of public transport for streetcars and buses. The product portfolio ranges from components and simple replacement batteries to complex energy supply systems, full service models and variable chargeable energy services.

contact: Hans-Peter Czernietzki | Sales Director Rail | hans-peter.czernietzki@hoppecke.com

Rail Vehicles

HeiterBlick GmbH

HeiterBlick is a specialist supplier of customized light rail vehicles and streetcars. Our claim is: maximum ride comfort. Our product lines are based on proven bogie technology that can also cope with very demanding tracks and rails.

contact: Lars Hoppe | ertrieb und Projektmanagement Stadt- und Straßenbahnen | lars.hoppe@heiterblick.de

Rail Vehicles

Haase GmbH & Co. KG

Haase GmbH & Co. KG from Grimma near Leipzig is an established system supplier and partner of tramway operators and railroad operating companies throughout Germany. Our broad product range includes a great depth of quality components for streetcars and mainline trains from all common OEMs such as Siemens, Alstom and Stadler. Thanks to our innovative warehousing concept, we enable just-in-time delivery of the essential components of bogies, suspension systems and wheelsets for all rail vehicles. In addition, we support our customers as a service and development partner for individual solutions as well as for maintenance and repair work on streetcars and mainline trains for more comfort on the rails.

contact: Dirk Haase | Geschäftsführer | info@haase-sf.de

Rail Vehicles

Günter Lehmann Verkehrstechnik GmbH

Günter Lehmann Verkehrstechnik GmbH is a manufacturing and service company for gearboxes, running gears and running gear parts in rail-bound local traffic. We are equipped with turning, milling and grinding technology for the production of many parts of mechanical and vehicle engineering. Our main spectrum is the production of wheelset gearboxes, wheelset shafts, idler axles, wheelset bearing units and wheel tires, reconditioning of wheel and bearing seats on wheelset shafts, idler axles, portal axles, wheel discs and housings as well as repair, rebuilding and main inspection of gearboxes, drive and running gear bogies including necessary spare parts. Our company also includes a hot-dip galvanizing shop.

contact: Günter Lehmann | Geschäftsführer | info@lehmann-group.de

Rail Vehicles

Gießerei Wurzen GmbH

Gießerei Wurzen GmbH casts gray and spheroidal graphite castings in the hand-molding sector from a quantity of one. In particular, these are chassis components for rail vehicles (e.g. hollow brake shafts, steam cylinder covers), components for valve, pump and compressor construction (e.g. impellers, guide wheels, compressor housings, discharge and suction nozzles, motor housings, bearing supports, cylinders), components for general mechanical engineering (e.g. components for 5-axis CNC machines) and shipbuilding (e.g. cylinders, gearbox housings). Furthermore we offer consulting in design and material selection and cooperate in questions of non-destructive testing and mechanical processing.

contact: Marco Bauch | Giessereileiter | bauch@giesserei-wurzen.de

Rail Vehicles


The Görlitz plant has 170 years of experience in rail vehicle construction. In Görlitz, Alstom designs, develops and manufactures car bodies and complete rail vehicles - efficiently, on time and to the highest quality. Innovative technologies and production processes bring top-quality products to the national and international market - above all powered and locomotive-hauled double-deck trains of steel and aluminum construction as well as single-deck vehicles.

contact: Robert Heuser | Werkleiter | Robert.Heuser@alstomgroup.com

Rail Vehicles

DB RegioNetz Verkehrs GmbH Fahrzeug- und Technologiezentrum

Whether vehicle conversion, maintenance or alternative drive systems - our Vehicle and Technology Center in Chemnitz (FTC) offers you an individual service package.

contact: Ralf Bucka | Spokesperson Vehicle and Technology Center in Chemnitz (FTC) | ralf.bucka@deutschebahn.com

Rail Vehicles

Wilson Rail Engineering

contact: Wilfried Sonnenfeld | Inhaber | info@wilson-rail.de