EXXTRA – Excellence Exchange and Teaming-up between Railway Clusters and Ecosystems

In the new strategic ERCI project EXXTRA, the networking of European clusters, companies and regions will be further strengthened by implementing more offers for internationalisation and open innovation for SMEs. Amongst others, “Erasmus for Clusters and Members” will be implemented helping SMEs, start-ups, growing organisations and higher education and research institutes to spend a week in an “‘EXXTRA” country (Italy, Denmark, Germany, France, Spain, Turkey) to learn best practices and/or facilitate technology transfer.


RailActivation – Activating inclusive growth in railway SMEs by Workplace Innovation

With RailActivation, the employees of small and medium-sized railway technology companies are enabled to innovate their workplace. This supports companies in their integration into the digital value chain. Among the consortium members are the Spanish railway technology cluster MAFEX (lead partner), the Italian university consortium QUINN for innovative and qualitative engineering, the Spanish research and technology institute Tecnalia, the Italian railway technology cluster DITECFER and of course Rail.S.

PERES – Promoting European Railway Excellence outside of the EU

PERES is the starting point for European small and medium-sized railway suppliers to develop markets outside Europe. Rail.S cooperates with four other European railway technology clusters namely DITECFER (Italy), i-Trans (France), RCSEE (Serbia), Rail Alliance (Great Britain). In April 2019, a business trip was organized to explore the railway technology market in the northeast of the USA.